Summer Activities

The nature of Lapland in the summer and the midnight sun are already exciting experiences, but in the immediate area there are also other things to do.

Work out and move

The winter ski tracks, starting from Karemajat, become jogging and bicycle tracks in the summer. In addition there are a variety of marked nature trails. At the nearby Fitness Centre of Ylitornio can be found a gym and indoor swimming pool, in addition you can swim in the Torne River or in the outdoor swimming pool in the centre of Övertorneå, where also can found water slides for the children's delight.

During the year 2014 we are building a disc golf track in the vicinity of the hotel.

Views and natural sites

Karemajat overlooks the calm flowing Torne River and the surrounding sopkas mountains, but the scenery can also be viewed from other mountains of which the closest is the famous Aavasaksa calotte mountain, which has been known for centuries as Finland's southernmost point, where you can see the midnight sun in midsummer night. In Aavasaksa mountain is also located the Imperial Lodge and a viewing tower. On the top of the mountain circles also the Crown Tour, which allows you to walk over the huge boulders and to admire the views to the west, north and east. Aavasaksa is one of Finland's national landscapes.

Almost opposite of Ainiovaara on the Swedish side is Luppio mountain, which stones have been shaped like a terrace by the ice age, just as if they were formed by humans. In Luppio are also old war bunkers as well as a small look-out tower.

The free-flowing Torne River and its rapids should also be experienced. Make a trip through Pello or Tornio and check out the view of the river and its rapids on both sides of the border. Driving through Tornio and Haparanda, you can explore the Kukkolankoski rapids, where you can see the traditional smelt fishing of whitefish. Circulate through Pello and the trail hits the Kattilakoski rapids viewed from the rest area on the Swedish side, which has been selected as the most beautiful stopping place in Sweden. 

Explore the area's cultural attractions and take part in events

In the area there are also a variety of cultural events and cultural attractions. Read more about the local area tourist destinations in the Ylitornio tourism website.

In Tornio are located the Torne Valley County Museum and The Aine Art Museum, both are well worth a visit. In the Oranki village in Pello is the Oranki Art environmental art exhibition, which displays the environmental art by artists from around the world. On the Swedish side in the summer are also large market events such as the Matarengi Market and the Pajala Market.

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Outdoor activities

From Karemajat you will have direct access to Ainiovaara through a ski trail network to ski in awesome scenery. In the summer you can get around the same routes on foot or by bicycle. Nearby there is a frisbeegolf track.