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Resort Centre Karemajat

Karemajat offers accommodations for 58 people in two, three and four-bed apartments and four-person holiday cottages, each with modern amenities. The 200-seat panoramic restaurant offers Lappish delicacies and is fully licensed.

Two saunas and a hot tub are available for the hotel residents to use free of charge. A special feature of the sauna is a warm water pool.

A mesmerizing holiday at the gate of Lapland 

The rugged landscapes of southern Lapland, the wilderness spirit and the natural terrain provide different degrees of difficulty and appeal both for the athlete as well as a slower moving nature admirer. Right from the yard of the resort well maintained cross-country ski trails begin which in summer are fitness trails for those on foot or by bicycle.

In the summer from the yard of the resort are marked nature trails circling around the sopka (4 miles). We have also a frisbeegolf track nearby. Lapland does not have to be sought any farther than in Karemajat. The resort Karemajat is located in Ylitornio on top of Ainiovaara with splendid open views of the sopkas of Torne Valley, the Torne River and Sweden behind the river. Ylitornio centre is only 3 km and Sweden is 10 km from Karemajat. 

There is not really an actual border here, on both sides of the river there is lively collaboration between Finland and Sweden.  Surely you, too, during your holiday in Karemajat will drop by Sweden for shopping and exploring the sights where you will do just fine with the Finnish language.

The relaxed atmosphere of Lapland along with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the Lapland landscape and a very affordable service program are the gift of Karemajat for holiday-makers and other guests. Karemajat is also regarded as a successful conference venue.

Karemajat Oy

Karemajojentie 219
FI-95600 Ylitornio


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+358 40 770 3246

Outdoor activities

From Karemajat you will have direct access to Ainiovaara through a ski trail network to ski in awesome scenery. In the summer you can get around the same routes on foot or by bicycle. Nearby there is a frisbeegolf track.